The Art Behind the Label

With the amount of care and attention given to creating Vin Mariani’s elegant wines, it was decided that it is equally important to make the extra effort to adorn each bottle with a beautiful label. For this reason renowned artist David Christophe was commissioned to help make that happen.

US-based, David returns to Vin Mariani several times a year to paint. Just like the art of crafting elegantly balanced wines, David’s work is, too, about balance…the relationship between color, balance and light.

“My inspiration comes from many directions, including nature, architecture and the spiritual. I find pleasure in the simplicity of sparse elements arranged with playfulness and meticulously embellished”, says David. Creating art gives David the opportunity to produce a realm that can be interpreted in many ways, like the elegant wine found in the wine bottles his art graces.

Many of David’s creations may be purchased at the winery’s tasting room, The Haut Gallery or David’s website, David’s works have graced Vin Mariani’s wine labels since the winery’s inception.